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In our ever-changing world, CPI3e digitally enhanced educational materials provide exciting and engaging interactive experiences for this generation of early learners, our

future leaders.

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What is CPI3e?

CPI3e is a proprietary app that has been designed by CPI Creative to infuse augmented reality into traditional Pre-K materials. Since Pre-K learners are born into a constantly changing digital age and have become accustomed to technology in their day-to-day lives, we believe that the integration of CPI3e technology has the potential to optimize their learning experience.

Research suggests that Augmented Reality (AR)
integration into educational tools can:

Provide relevant

information to the

user instantly.

Drive higher levels

of visual attention

in the brain.

Increase memory

encoding compared

to non-AR tasks.

Unlock a digital world of endless possibilities and

interactive experiences.

The CPI3e Team

CPI Creative President and Founder, Carol Philp, got her start in early education, and was at the forefront of teaching the innovative language experience approach (LEA) to reading, a method for teaching literacy based on a child’s existing experience of language by Roach Van Allen. Carol uses her experience to lead the CPI Creative team in designing and producing educational materials that are relevant and engaging for this generation of early learners.

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